who is it addressed to?

Manto Pro is aimed at professionals in the sector, those who seek innovation and practicality.

Manto products for your groomer business!

Manto Pro* is a monthly subscription service and allows you to have the products for the care and hygiene of your four-legged Customers every month.

How does the service work?

Choose the type of products you prefer

Light Coat Shampoo

Short Hair Shampoo

Long Hair Shampoo

*initially supplied Shampoo in the drum then eco-refill of 1L/2L

Choose the subscription plan size you prefer

  • Starter
  • 99.00€ / month *
  • 5L/month
  • Plus
  • 279,00€ / month *
  • 15L/month
  • save 6%
  • Company
  • 396,00€ / month **
  • 25L/month
  • save 20%

Prices are VAT excluded

*the rental cost + cleaning service of Manto Pro containers (12€/month) is not calculated in the price

** the cost of the rental + cleaning service of the Manto Pro containers is also calculated in the price

Choose the duration of the subscription plan you prefer

3 months

6 months *

12 months **

*by subscribing to the 6-month service, Manto gives you products. Learn more by writing to us or contacting us

**by subscribing to the 12-month service, Manto gives you products. Learn more by writing to us or contacting us

  • Every month you decide on which day to receive the goods, shipping always included!
  • We have chosen an eco-sustainable pack, a 1L/2L doypack. We are environmentally sustainable!
  • If you are not satisfied, stop when you want! *

* the interruption of the service occurs the following month

Manto Pro drums are NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified, i.e. the international organization that develops quality standards to protect health.

The keg has a capacity of 5 L.

All the drums of the line are made of stainless steel and welded. Each product comes with a kit, consisting of a dust cover and pipe cleaners for cleaning the taps, which ensure the absolute maintenance of the Manto Shampoos. All containers are certified and made entirely of top quality AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel and have excellent characteristics both in terms of hygiene, robustness and conservation of the material, and in terms of eco-sustainability.
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