Who we are

Manto is an innovative Italian startup and a brand of sustainable products that allows dog and cat lovers to take care of their pets, so as to improve their lifestyle and strengthen the bond that unites them.

Made in Italy

Manto is an Italian startup which, through a restricted and completely Made in Italy production chain, embraces the animal world in the following fields: cosmetics/hygiene, clothing/accessories, food and medicine.


Love for pets and entirely sustainable supply chain, from the quality of the raw material to the meticulous selection of partners.

Starting from the founders themselves, the Manto team is entirely made up of pet lovers who deeply care about the well-being of their dogs and cats.

This care takes the form of a entirely sustainable production chain, aimed at finding the best raw materials and building a network of partners represented by Italian excellence.

The cloak

Caressing the coat is synonymous with care and love for your pet. Stroking the coat recalls a sensory, physical, affectionate aspect of the relationship with your pet. The coat represents the litmus test of the physical condition of an animal. Manto refers without distinction to all domestic animals, without distinction between dogs and cats. An Italian word, with a refined look and sound, to evoke the charm and quality of Made in Italy. Short word, made up of two syllables, which combines well with the 4 product lines. Combined with "pet", it creates a pun (man-to-pet) which further symbolizes the mission.

What sets us apart


The real one, made of ingredients from organic crops, recovery of waste materials, 100% recyclable packaging, care for the environment and maximum attention paid to pets and people.


The meticulousness with which the raw materials are selected ensures a very high standard of safety for Manto products, from cosmetics to food, passing through accessories and clothing.


Every single ingredient of Manto products is traced, so as to ensure maximum transparency for all pet lovers who care about sustainability.


The entire range of Manto products aims to strengthen the relationship between the pet and its human. Their friendship is at the same time a starting point and a point of arrival.


Thanks to the rediscovery of waste materials, used for some lines, each Manto product represents a unique piece, which acquires new life.


Manto's goal is to create exclusive, sustainable and Made in Italy products. Through a new production model, we make it possible to customize products specifically for your pet.